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Hypnosis for Confidence Workshop

Saturday 27th April 2019
10am – 12.30

This workshop will provide an excellent introduction to the fascinating topic of hypnosis. You will learn how to do self hypnosis. It can be used to relax, reduce anxiety, reduce pain and discomfort, induce sleep, increase confidence, change habits and improve performance.

Investment £25

Workshop and BLOG. SUP Achievement


Feeling a sense of achievement... I have worked hard on getting out of a place of fear and just jumping on my board. It has taken focus and determination to get there but I new what I wanted to achieve and I’ve got there... Raphael is now 20 kilos and when he moves on the board I have to be ready for any sudden movements. My Springer of course loves to move up and down the board, he’s busy but so much fun. I’ve really worked on facing the fear of falling in... especially in the freezing cold weather 🥶it could have been a disaster today, however the worst that could have happened would be getting wet and cold... actually it was so worth it and I didn’t fall in. I encourage you to STEP OUT OF YOUR COMFORT ZONE... taking small steps each time you do will widen your thoughts and beliefs about what you’re capable of doing. So I encourage you to set a goal that you want to achieve, make it happen 🙌🏼 you can DO IT!

Workshop and BLOG. Loneliness

Feeling Lost and Alone? How to connect with yourself again

Feeling lost, lonely, sad and stuck? Desperate to get away from an unfulfilling life that has no purpose; this is what I hear a lot from potential clients. As we know, life has its ups and downs and can just feel too much to deal with at times. Overwhelm and struggles become all to familiar and there has to be a way out.

What do we do?

Often closing ourselves down and shutting ourselves off to not feel because it feels too painful to connect with how we are really feeling. Our minds are very clever as we are wired to move away from pain however this leaves us with a deep sense of feeling lost and alone.

How do I move forward?

Most of us know what we don’t want, but focusing on this just gives us the ‘same old’ life and feelings. When I ask clients “what do you want?” they often say to feel content and at peace and often not able to even contemplate anything else. Once we start working together, the feedback is that clients are amazed at what can come out of a session working with me. Enabling them to get clarity, which creates positive change towards connecting not only with yourself with others too.

Being clear about where you are now and what you want, this is a great exercise that you can do…

Take a piece of A4 paper and draw a circle in the middle, in the centre write ‘ME NOW’, then put lines from that circle... then put down all your negative thoughts. Then tear up that piece of paper and set an intention to let that all go.

THEN take another piece of paper same layout… in the middle write ‘MY FUTURE'. Then write down all your desires, about what you want, how you want to feel, relationship, career…

How are you feeling now? Are you starting to connect with yourself? Any ideas you have, write them down and make an action plan as to how you are going to move forward.

Workshop and BLOG. FearofHeights


Went to a party last night on the 18th Floor... now I have to say I didn't think too much about this. It made me realise that I was CURED of that PANIC you can feel rising when YOU know you are going into a situation that your MIND is telling you it's dangerous.
I was fascinated by what I could see and practically hanging out of the window, two sides of the room were all glass!

Back in 2013 when broke my foot then had a slipped disk/tear and chronic sciatica, the PAIN was unbearable. After recovering I was left with FEAR and couldn't go down an escalator, PANIC would rise and I used to either cling onto my fiancé or go in a lift. It wasn't ideal, being the sort of person who finds a way to get through a situation.... I needed HELP, this FEAR was IMPACTING on my LIFE.
Whilst on a training course, I volunteered to be a subject and went through an NLP technique process. UNDERSTANDING what is driving the FEAR is key to removing BLOCKS, for me it was lack of CONTROL.

I was cured, yesterday was a GREAT reminder that the PANIC was over. When I approach and get on an ESCALATOR, it's EASY and COMFORTABLE, no longer using up unnecessary WORRY and CONCERNs of What ifs...

Workshop and BLOG. Pumpkin


It’s Halloween, which means that the fake spiders and their webs are everywhere in the supermarkets, shops, in peoples homes. Not only fake spiders but also real spiders can appear in the house, no matter how big or small can be hugely terrifying. It’s estimated that in Western societies, as many as 55 per cent of women and 18 per cent of men feel some degree of arachnophobia. In the UK it’s the most common phobia. People usually manage their phobia on a day-to-day basis and only seek help when it prevents them from doing something they want to do.

As a child we learn about fears from our parents, as they teach us (consciously and unconsciously) how to live and relate to the world around us. You might have seen your parent being frightened of a spider this message would have hardwired to your brain telling you there is a threat and can harm you too. When you see a spider that message is reinforced, so the fear compounds and makes it worse.

There is no need to carry on this fear, ours minds are very cleaver, and our subconscious mind will know when and why this started. I can help you conquer your fear of spiders with a session of Rapid Transformational Hypnotherapy, to rewire your mind.

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