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What Clients Say About Me

"I reached out to Georgina when I was in a truly scary and desperate place, a place I had no vision of ever being able to escape despite having had ‘help’ previously.
After my first session with Georgina, I felt I had finally found some one who could truly help me, and she has!
Georgina is amazingly understanding, never judgemental, very calming, totally reassuring and provides a ‘safe place’ to be. Only through Georgina’s help have I been able to gain invaluable insight and ability to see the untruths I have been telling myself all my life. I am now able to reframe my story and become the person I want to be instead of a product of my world so far. The recordings truly work, even after my initial scepticism, and are seriously transformational. I can finally breathe again :-))

The testimonials below all speak the truth, don’t put off the rest of your life any longer, you are totally with it.

Thank you Georgina!"

"Amazing lady doing seriously transformational work! Georgina helped me bust through the last remnants of the fear that was holding me back. It was buried so deep I didn't even know it was there. All the personal work I've done over many years fell into place like magic and I was away with my business! If you think you are 'ready' but feel a bit stuck, you just ran out of excuses :) x"
K Healey

"When I sought help from Georgina I was not in a good place. I felt stuck and unable to move forward with my life which left me feeling anxious and a bit depressed. I have always tried to get through things on my own and stay positive, however there came a point when I realised that I needed help to move forward and I didn't have the tools to do it alone. I was drawn to Georgina because I believed a life coach was a better option for me as I did not want to spend months dredging up the past and her Rapid Therapy Technique using hypnotherapy appealed to me. I had never experienced hypnotherapy and although I was a little sceptical I was willing to give it a try. I was amazed to find how much better I felt even after the first session. Georgina has a very calming influence which allows you to relax and I felt my dark cloud was lifting. I soon started to see the future in a more positive light and I feel more optimistic about the future as well as working on myself and setting goals.
I would highly recommend Georgina. She uses a technique that works and has the gift of making you feel calm and at ease in her presence as well as helping you to realise how valuable you are in life."

"I went to see Georgina when I was in a period of procrastination that was causing me to feel thoroughly fed up! I had undergone a period of huge change (including to my career) and I was nearing the end of a long course to become a law of attraction coach. I was clear that what I was feeling was some resistance to overcoming a few final hurdles before I launched my business, but, despite having the ability to help others move through similar issues, I didn’t seem to be able to move myself through it. Georgina became known to me through a chance meeting with a stranger at my gym. As soon as I met her, I liked her. She has this beautiful, calm air that makes you feel comfortable immediately and she is very intuitive, so she has an amazing talent for finding the little nuggets of issues that need bringing out into the light! Georgina did some hypnosis work with me (RTT) that got to the bottom of why I was feeling a bit stuck, literally within minutes. Despite doing lots of ‘work’ on myself over many years and finally feeling very happy in my mid 40’s, it transpired that my self-worth was still a bit wobbly deep down – something that came out loud and clear under hypnosis! 21 days later after listening to a short recording that Georgina made for me, I simply felt nothing of the old feelings around not getting on with my new career and enjoying life to the full. A clear plan for a way forward kind of just feel out of me after that!

Because Georgina works intuitively, she really does give you exactly what you need from her in your sessions, whether it be insight into how you might think differently or a complete rewire of the brain about a certain issue. Sometimes we just talked about things and I always left our sessions feeling absolute clarity and totally ‘in my power’. There is a saying that every life coach needs a life coach and I am extremely grateful to call Georgina mine. She is a truly special lady and I highly recommend putting your trust in her! "

“I sought help from Georgina after a recommendation. At the time I had been suffering from Anxiety and Depression for some time, I had undertaken a course of CBT and was on medication from my GP but I felt that this was not working as I had expected. I had to do something else to help myself.

What I found was that despite many stigmas towards mental health there is so much non-judgmental support out there, Georgina is so positive and non-judgemental even after my first session I was starting to feel better. From then it just got better and better, listening to Georgina’s recording daily was so inspiring (this is very important and a key tool in your treatment). Day by day my family and work colleagues noticed how much more positive and interactive I was becoming.

I found myself interacting with so many people I would not normally interact with on a day to day basis, this felt so good, this was magical because all of a sudden people were coming to me to chat. This sort of interaction just made me feel more and more valued and boosted my confidence so much. For the first time in a long time, I actually felt happy and looked forward to every day.

I do recommend Georgina to everyone with great confidence that she will be able to help you and I will be recommending her to everyone.

As a typical man I found it very difficult to admit to myself that I needed help let alone make that first step in getting help, but I can tell you it was one the best things I have ever done – who knows where I would be now if I hadn’t!

For the Men reading this (or (I jest) the wives of men who need help), don’t put it off, if you need help just get on with it, you won’t be sorry trust me. I am in a completely different place in my life now and have so much to look forward to and get involved with and do. The future is truly bright and I can’t thank Georgina enough for her help.

And thanks again Georgina, you have truly given me my life back.”

"I would like to say a huge thank you to Georgina for her help a couple of weeks ago. I had been experiencing difficulties in dealing with a personal matter that was effecting my self believe and confidence. I decided to work with Georgina to over come these issues and I am so pleased I did. Feeling a little anxious about what the work would entail I was soon put at ease by Georgina and the process began. I was very pleased to have that time with Georgina as after that session I felt a sense of calm and contentment I had not felt for a while. After a few weeks of using the aftercare package I was feeling back to my positive self.
I would recommend Georgina to anyone who has any concerns about themselves that they would like to address and free themselves from worry. Thank you Georgina. "
July 2017

"I came to see Georgina because I was suffering quite badly with my anxiety. After my sessions with Georgina, i've gone back to being my normal happy self. It's as if she opened my eyes and made me realise what my true worth is. Georgina is very calming to be around, easy to talk to and understanding."
June 2017

"I came to Georgina after episodes of serious self-doubt and negativity which in turn was causing anxiety. Georgina initially listened to my concerns in a very non-judgemental consultation and was incredibly reassuring and supportive right from the start. Using RTT I was able to revisit some moments in my life which had caused these feelings of self-doubt and belief. Although I have always been very aware of my past situations, it was good to go into more depth and understand how my present feelings were interrupting my thought processes and confidence. After a few days of the RTT I noticed a change in my attitude and I felt much more positive and motivated, which allowed me to invest in the setting up of my business. I have one more session of life coaching which I am looking forward to as it gives me a chance to talk to someone in a safe environment detached from your own family or friendship circle. "
May 2017

"I did not have RTT hypnosis in mind when I first went to see Georgina for work stress, but am glad I was open to it because it was really effective, and is continuing to help me get a lot more joy out of my life."
May 2017

"I used to suffer from depression, stress, anxiety but after working with you I have shown massive signs of improvement. I would recommend anyone to try this therapy, as it will stay with you forever and you have the recording for life."
L Fairchild
April 2017

"Your treatment gave an instant impact on my husband and greatly helped him where others have failed."

“Before I came to Georgina I was in a dark place, suffering with panic attacks and anxiety, with no direction. Since being with her and her services I have progressed hugely with positivity and drive. I have a new zest for life and despite helping myself I wouldn’t have got here without her… I would most definantly recommend her and her services to all friends and family especially. Thank you again, Phoebe x”
March 2017

“I am very pleased I came to see Georgina, as I am sure some of my symptoms were IBS related and hypnosis has helped. The recording is very good and helps me to relax and de-stress. I would never have been able to go on our trip to Edinburgh without your help. I will keep you informed of my progress and once again thank you for all your help.”
S Simpson
Jan 2017

"Leading up to the end of the year and thinking about New Year's resolutions and the way I was feeling about life, relationships, emotional eating/ weight loss, personal goals/ happiness, de-cluttering, and how I wanted my life to be going forward and in the future, I felt it would be a good idea to go to see Georgina for a general chat to find out more as to whether she felt she could help me with some of the issues I was experiencing.

After a long chat and brief outline of major events through my life and how they may have affected my outlook and feelings now, we decided that hypnotherapy would be a good option for me in the area of my relationship which had been going through a difficult patch.

I decided to go for a 3 session RTT package with Georgina. The first session was about 90mins in duration, I felt very well looked after throughout, in a safe, secure and comfortable environment. At the end of the session Georgina did a recording for me that I then listened to each day (sometimes more the once a day) for 21 days.

The effects of this session I would say were almost immediate, I felt very positive and uplifted immediately after and I hadn't realised that addressing just the relationship issues would also have a knock-on effect to other areas in my life that I was unhappy with. I feel happier in myself and more confident. I am finding it much easier to express my feelings with my partner and talk through difficult times. I am consciously being more careful with food choices and heading towards a healthier lifestyle which in turn has meant I am no longer hating the way I look (this has been amazing for me and the way I feel inside!!) The de-cluttering has already begun!

The two follow up sessions have been a tremendous help in talking through things that have cropped up in the following days and between the 2nd and 3rd session I wrote out action plans and goals both short and long term. This helps to see where you are at and what improvements you want to make in what areas of your life and then you can look back to see your progress.

If you have any doubts as to whether Georgina can help you.....DON'T! She is an amazingly talented lady and will guide you to be your very best ☺"
Jan 2017

"I have been suffering from back pain for nearly 2 years. Had to leave my job of 20 years, lost confidence in myself, felt unworthy, not capable and anxious about where my life was going.
Georgina has helped me with 1 RTT session to conquer my feelings of not being good enough. I now feel totally different. I’m sleeping better, less anxious, more confident, have less back pain and feel better today than I have in 2 years.
I would definitely recommend RTT. Georgina has made such a difference to my life."
Caron Keen
October 2016

"I have suffered from anxiety for longer than I realised - both socially and at work. Georgina has given me the confidence to approach life in more positive manner and tackle everyday challenges with an open mind and clarity."
August 2016

"My main issue was that I had a love, no let me correct that, a passion for chocolate, which did not help when it came to trying to get fit and lose weight. Although motivated I struggled to maintain the momentum when trying to change.Georgina was excellent, very supportive and encouraging right from the start. At my consultation meeting, she highlighted the areas that we would work on and designed a personal plan for me to follow. We set a goal to buy a dress for our upcoming mini break with my company celebrating their 40 years anniversary. I never wear dresses because I don’t like the way I look. After working with Georgina especially around my love of chocolate I can quite honestly say I have not eaten a bar for six weeks ☺. Even though at a low point I did buy a 70% chocolate one, it is still sitting in my cupboard. And after some pointers from Georgina on style and colours that would suit me I have purchased the dress after losing weight. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Georgina for all her help and her professional and caring approach and would happily recommend anyone who has a need to contact her."
Julia Skinner
July 2015

"Working with Georgina has given me a renewed sense of purpose. I feel extremely motivated and can see things a lot clearer than when I first started my coaching. Having a coach that is good at listening but can also provide workable practical solutions is priceless. Georgina is an excellent coach and has been the catalyst for the great things achieved in the short space of time since beginning coaching sessions. It is my personal view that we should all have a life coach to help us through the various challenges life throws at us.

I am happy to recommend Georgina to anyone considering a life coach."
Jamie Barrett
July 2015

"Hi Georgina, I thought I'd let you know that we won an industry award last night for 'Leadership and People' and I just wanted to say thank you for all your help. Your influence had a big part to play in our success, especially when I had to give presentations."
Jamie Barrett - Managing Director
July 2015

"I was struggling with life and needed guidance in different areas, believing in myself was one and having fun was another. I can honestly say I worked at whatever was suggested as I needed to change how I was feeling. I now recognise my feelings and I can talk about how I am feeling. I can ask for help. I like me now and through all this my body image and weight issues have gone. Which for me were massive.
Thank you Georgina x "
M - July 2014

"I wanted to tell you how much better I feel thanks to you! Thanks to your massage and advice and the yoga and all the spiritual bits too, my neck pain is completely settled and I'm getting my priorities organised and sleeping so much better. Thanks so much for your kind and sensitive help, and I will keep in touch."
Nov 2012

"I was emotionally bankrupt, physically exhausted and no self worth. Coincidence's don't happen I was meant to meet Georgina whose gentle approach was just what I needed. During our meetings it became obvious that my body was crying out for lots of tlc. I began to eat properly, top up with much needed supplements, allow myself to have some me time. In just 2 weeks I felt like a new person amazing, thought it would take much longer but how lucky for me I felt the benefits straight away. Thank you so much Georgina, I now feel it's ok to be me what a revelation!!!"
Marie A
July 2012

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