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What is Life Coaching?

Life coaching is an awesome investment in yourself! I'm here to help you break out of your comfort zone, to gain the inner CONFIDENCE you need to take steps towards a life YOU love. I will help you establish CLARITY and come up with concrete goals that you will actively strive towards achieving. YOU will take responsibility for your life and realise ultimately YOU are in control of your destiny. I will help you look at your life and work with a fresh new perspective, identify where you want to be, and explore what's holding you back.

Together we will work towards creating a life you love, by finding solutions to achieving purpose, fulfilment and happiness.

• Do you wish you had better communication skills?
• Feeling unfulfilled in your career?
• Confusion about what you should be doing with your life?
• Do you want to become more confident?
• Feeling unable to achieve your dreams?
• Do you want to be more motivated?
• Feeling lost or stuck in a rut?
• Suffering from self-doubt and fear?
• Feeling as if you are not reaching your full potential?

If the answer to any of these questions is 'YES' you have come to the right place.

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Coaching and Mentoring 1-1 for Students

Exam nerves, and anxiety can really affect you from doing your best such as Fear of Failure, Lack of Confidence, Low Self-esteem.

If you can answer ‘yes’ to any of the above then read on! ALL these issues can often cause so much pressure to succeed, sound familiar?

If you’re lacking SELF-BELIEF and confidence you may feel uneasy and shy; afraid of what people are thinking of you. Have a sense of worthlessness and thinking negatively about your abilities and yourself in general. Struggling to focus and plan your studies, creates a downward spiral and its all too easy to get distracted.

I can help with Exam Nerves, Focus, Stress, Anxiety, Low Self Esteem, Inner Confidence, Mental Health, Panic Attacks. I will get you where you need to be!

Contact me now to book a FREE Clarity call.

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Walk and Talk Coaching

The restorative benefits of being in the great outdoors is a hot topic. Especially now with social distancing, I’ve taken my coaching sessions to the great outdoors. I offer coaching sessions where we meet in a local green space.

We harness the fresh air, the energy from trees and plants that help to provide the right conditions for open conversations. This environment helps to nurture, not only our senses but our emotions and help shift ‘stuckness’ to facilitate psychological processing.

My outdoor therapy sessions and coaching involve walking side by side and seated, which promotes a collaborative way of working together. This way of working is very conducive for having a different way of thinking, giving us a broader perspective on things. If you feel you have a lack of direction, coaching outside will bring about clarity and a way to move forward.

So like it is in the photo but with a 2 metre social distancing space... A similar session can held on water as well by arrangement.

Working Together

I offer a variety of coaching support, with a non-judgemental heart centred approach, where I actively listen out for your needs. We work together so that you feel supported and nurtured on your journey of change and growth.

Please do not hesitate to contact me to discuss your personal needs, I would love to hear from you!

Any questions, just email [email protected] or phone/text 07737053772


What will I learn by using The Empowerment Programme?

Gain an in-depth understanding of what makes YOU tick
Make decisions that are congruent with YOUR values
Explore empowering and disempowering beliefs
Create a professional skills development plan
Establish goals that excite and motivate you
Be held accountable to your goals
Start to view success on your own terms

How many coaching sessions does it take to get through the programme?

Typically a minimum of 6 coaching sessions out of the The Empowerment Workbook – 1 session per chapter.

Additional Support includes:
15 minute phone call per week
Bespoke pre-recorded 15 minute Hypnotherapy Script
Printed Workbook
Feedback session

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